The Transformative Power of Impact Data: HIM Initiative x SOPACT

Join the conversation on the Transformative Power of Impact Data with the SOPACT & HIM Initiative’s Impact Management webinar tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7th at 9:00AM MST! Learn about our data journey, the stakeholders and community members that lead this powerful work, and the efficiency of data collection within systems change work.

Register here to save your seat for the SOPACT Webinar Highlighting the work of the HIM Initiative. How to create a safe and respectful environment for all genders? The Healthy Intergenerational Masculinity (HIM) program aims to help boys and men develop positive and healthy attitudes about masculinity and manhood. This webinar will explore how the HIM Initiative uses a robust impact data strategy to measure and manage the effectiveness of its programming. By collecting necessary data from stakeholders and prioritizing learning from feedback loops, the HIM Initiative is working towards multiple outcomes, including promoting positive masculinity, challenging toxic masculinity, and promoting health and resilience among young men.

The HIM Initiative is a systems level change initiative that aims to amplify the resources and supports available for masculine identified BIPOC youth in Tucson & Southern Arizona.

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