Impact Reports

Data is important to track and engage with community collaboration throughout the initiative, including  the number and type of stakeholders/agencies involved in guiding the work. Surveys and reflections about the collective impact infrastructure, specific initiative activities, is helpful to help this work recalibrate and identify gaps in this work.

The outcome evaluation will focus on the effects of initiative outputs on participants and the broader Tucson community. This includes measuring changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors attributable to  masculinity programming by utilizing trainee pre- and post- tests. Longitudinal surveys with Likert scale and  open-ended questions on self efficacy, emotional resilience and mental health, pro-social involvement, and  masculine ideology will be administered to mentees and mentors at the start and end of each year of the  mentoring relationship.

Descriptive statistical analyses will be conducted on these pre- and post- test  datasets to determine any significant changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors among youth and  adult participants and community members that can be attributed to masculinity programming that is offered by the initiative. The  outcome evaluation will also employ thematic textual analysis to measure any practical changes in  administrative policies and practices that occur as a direct result of initiative activities.

Browse through the tabs at the top of the page to view the strategic ways the HIM Initiative engages with data to leverage partnerships and to share community testimony, evaluate programs, and assess community needs and demands. The HIM Initiative works with SOPACT to leverage a sustainable, informed, and effective data management process reflective of best practices and community informed loops of feedback.

The HIM Initiative is a systems level change initiative that aims to amplify the resources and supports available for masculine identified BIPOC youth in Tucson & Southern Arizona.

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