March YLC Meetings

The Youth Leadership Council began to unpack the community-accountability model of men’s violence. They engaged in dialogue and a group interpretation activity to understand how men’s violence fits into and is influenced by larger systems of oppression; they later used this understanding to identify how this model maps onto their own experiences within community.

Take a look at some of the art our Youth Leadership Council members created when processing the ecological framework of the community-accountability model of gender based violence. Men Stopping Violence (MSV), an Atlanta based organization that works to end male violence against women, uses this accountability model to examine the larger and more infrastructural mechanisms of violence – explaining how these influences range from an individual level, to microcommunities, to national and global iterations of patriarchal violence. More information on the MSV can be found here:

February YLC Meetings

The HIM Initiative Youth Leadership Council, which consists of 5 masculine identified youth community members dedicated to healthy masculinity work, convened for their first council meeting on Monday, February 13th. These young folks are gearing up to collaborate on some incredibly powerful community projects and programs over the next year. Our youth met again February 27th and began engaging with challenging discussions through a healthy masculinity curriculum which explored vulnerability, accessing emotions, the socialization of men and boys, and cultures of violence. We discussed Tony Porters TED talk on the socialization of young men and personal responsibility. We also explored vulnerability through a drawing game where participants interpreted a sketch that an another YLC member drew on their back. They then compared drawings and extracted life lessons about vulnerability, trust, and discernment. Stay tuned for a spotlight on each member and their collective action goals for healthy masculinity work in Southern Arizona and Tucson.

The HIM Initiative is a systems level change initiative that aims to amplify the resources and supports available for masculine identified BIPOC youth in Tucson & Southern Arizona.

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